Many of us have an Armani within us longing for that love we may have been deprived of in our past or childhood. We find ourselves fighting the negative thoughts that flow in our minds saying to ourselves that we cannot be loved. The unnerving feeling that we are not worthy to be loved. Some of us may come up against  barriers that depletes us of our own self worth.  The ones that find it hard to express themselves or we ourselves may find it hard to express our divine love for one another. 

What you can take away from Armani is to take a closer look at yourself and search for the beauty that you have within. Light a candle which is white and pure. Set it aside  and write down your deepest desires that you have for yourself. Write a list and make Channel your deepest goddess deity Goddess Venus the Goddess of love. Allow her to come to you and guide you on what's needed to help you overcome your doubt and fears. To help you see things from a positive perspective. Channel Goddess Venus Alchemy a paranormal deity with channels your own personal spirit guides to  help you see things from a more purified lens so that you can see the beauty that you have inside you. 


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