(Say This Incantation For Love and Beauty)
Beauty Deep Beauty Sweet
Lovers Eyes On Me To Keep
Magic I send love come to me,
Bind Our love a union shall be,
Think of thoughts of only me,
Bind Our Hearts In Unity.
Armani found her beauty within
Armani was the kind of person who feared to be boastful. She was always told that one should not be brash and one should be humble. However, she was never told how to do this. I the heck did she have to be told this, she thought to herself. Why must I walk with my head down being afraid to speak what's on my heart? My heart continuously desire my special love She feared when she took pride in her appearance or accomplishments it was too close to pride. This made her guilty and afraid and she became unable to see her beauty and self worth. When she saw her reflection, she did not know how to take it. She would brush her hair, wear nice dresses but when she saw the face that looked back all she saw was apathy. People would tell her of her worth and beauty, but she did not know how to accept it, not able to see the things they saw.


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