Hello guys this current episode is a BRAND NEW episode "Matters Of The Heart'' apart from my "Secrets Behind The Veil" episodes. The difference between the two is "Secrets Behind The Veil" Will speak about our most inner secrets in love and the spiritual forces that protect us or come up against us in our daily lives.

"Matters Of The Heart" Will be my live talk show about topics on love and Q & A questions from you the listener about love and relationships and life.

I want to say thank you for taking this time out during such a challenging time. My desire is to help others to heal from the inside out. I feel one of the best ways to heal is through engaging with one another on topics of love, romance and life. My passion is helping people with their deep concerns about love, romance and life. In this  current episode I will be doing  a live talk show with my  much loved listeners. 


In this talk show episode I  will answer relationship questions for my listeners that concern you deeply. Such as how do they feel about you? Are they thinking of you? These are just a few of the questions I will be exploring in this talk show podcast. 

Make sure you follow and heart this podcast so you can be notified when I'm doing a live show on Podbean and call in to ask your questions of concern. 



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