Venus the goddess of love has the ability to make you beautiful from the inside out  and desirable. People would come to her when they needed her to conjure up a potent elixir passion potion toward her intended target.   She knew that there was more to doing things than simply magic she had to direct her energy and intention along with the energy of the seeker. They knew the abilities of Goddess Venus alchemy and wanted to Demonstrate the results of its intended subject. They have long been striving to Conjure a concoction that will allow the attended target to see the beauty within and to make them more desirable than before that they will constantly be longing for their lost love.
They had been working on it for longer than they could remember and though they have had some remarkable success, they had never  created what they wanted…a spell that could literally alter how one perceived themselves and allowed them to do things like overcome their perceived flaws and be brave in the face of challenges that they before thought insurmountable.
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